Follow in Winston Churchill’s footsteps and shape Europe’s future!

70 years ago, in the aftermath of World War II, Winston Churchill laid out his ambitious vision for the continent of Europe to the academic youth at the University of Zurich, ending his historic speech with the words: “Let Europe Arise!”

Today, Europe and its inhabitants do not face the enormous effort of post-war rebuilding anymore. Still, our continent is confronted by many challenges, ranging from terrorism and the refugee crisis to high youth unemployment and cleaning up the debris of the 2008 debt crisis.

To discuss these pressing issues and on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s speech, three student organizations at the University of Zurich (Erasmus Student Network, MUN Team University of Zurich, Young European Swiss) are hereby inviting students to the first European Future Leaders Conference, taking place from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th of November 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland.

We firmly believe that youth must play a vital role in deciding the fate of our continent. The European Future Leaders Conference provides a unique platform to do so and dares students to join 55 other bright young individuals from 36 European countries in an exchange of ideas and opinions. Through three days of intense debate, the workshop will give them space to discuss and formulate their vision of Europe!

The lead question for the conference will be: “What is the social, economic and political Europe we want to live in by 2030 and how will we create it?” The conference will tackle this seemingly huge question in a series of highly structured and professional sessions on the basis of a so called “syntegration” – a cybernetic workshop model developed and applied by the internationally renowned Malik Institut St. Gallen (see: The experts of the Malik Institut St. Gallen will lead through the conference together with the organizing students of the University of Zurich

The outcome of our workshop will be a number of detailed postulates and demands by all participants, to be made public on Social Media and through an international media campaign later this year.

More information is available on


Application form

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